Friday, March 30, 2007

Lemon drop

I've always loved the confectionery sweetness of the lemon drop cocktail. So I figured, why not use it as inspiration for a refreshingly cool cocktail ring? This bold and sparkly piece is a great way to spruce up your spring wardrobe.Made from faceted lemon quartz, this ring is absolutely gorgeous and has the perfect amount of sparkle. Because each nugget is cut depending on its shape, each ring will be one-of-a-kind. I personally love wearing it with dark blue jeans and a brightly colored flowy top.

I'll be adding this to the site soon. But don't worry - if patience has never been one of your finer virtues, just contact me and we can do the transaction through PayPal.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Midsummer Lights Dream

I couldn't resist posting about these amazingly colorful and whimsical cut out hanging lamps that I came across yesterday at the Brooklyn based shop Romp.

Although this lamp looks like it's just cut out paper, it's actually a double layer of a very durable synthetic material called tyvek. I really love these lamps and I've seen a couple of different styles popping up. A similar lamp was featured on design*sponge a couple days ago from another Scandinavian designer.

A quick note about this retailer - Romp is actually a store focused on fashionably functional kid stuff with a modern vibe. So all you incredibly cool parents out there that want your child to be surrounded with toys and accessories that integrate the elements of style and function, this store is a neat place for you to shop.

I'm not a parent myself, but I think the bunny mobile, and egglings are totally adorable.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Animal Instinct II

A little while back I posted one of my favorite necklaces - a super long and sexy piece that featured a hollow, brushed vermeil pendant and promised that it would soon be available in silver. Well, here it is! This pendant is a tad bit larger - a little wider at the top and just a bit longer.
Like its warm-toned sister necklace, this piece will make a nice compliment to some of the billowy, voluminous, and romantic dresses out there this spring.

This piece will be going up soon, probably in the next couple weeks or so. Can't wait that long? No worries. Just contact me and we can make arrangements to process your transaction through PayPal.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Balm

It's so dry in the desert, and although I try to stay hydrated my poor pout has been paying the price! I've been suffering from super chapped lips, but thankfully have found a swift remedy from C.O. Bigelow. This lip scrub has been a life saver! Enriched with aloe and cocoa butter, this formula moisturizes as you buff away the rough stuff. A little secret I've happened upon that seems to make it even more effective is to apply right before a shower and rinse after a few minutes. I don't know why exactly, but I think it's the steam that enhances the results. To prevent chapped lips, I use it every morning before I shower now and am very pleased with the results.

Since I'm a lip balm/gloss freak I especially like the Mentha Lip Tint in pink, and the Mentha Lip Balm (no shine formula) that you can get here. This online apothecary also has a lot of other luxe brands to choose from like Fekkai and Phyto.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Crystal Clear

A cool trend I've been seeing lately has been accessories with a crisp and clear element, like these cool bags and shoes on Above is my own interpretation of the trend. After I made this crystal ring last week, I wore it out and was really pleased with the versatility. It works flawlessly with pretty much everything I added it to - from my Friday night outfit (my favorite jeans, heels and a cute top) to my more casual Sunday ( jeans, cute sneakers and my embroidered hoody).

You won't have to wait too long to pick one up for yourself. I'll be adding it to the site today.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks this week!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Twiggy jewelry

Happy Friday everyone!

I figured how to make these cool twiggy branches about a year ago - they're one of my most popular items and have been doing really well this spring. Particularly in demand are the pieces made with these cool Czech glass beads. I figured I'd write about these today because they won't last much longer! I haven't been able to find this style bead again. The faceted glass beads are matte, with an Aurora Borealis finish to them.
This necklace is one of my favorites. Instead of using standard chain or ready-made cord, I crocheted ecru (off white) silk into a cord for the pendant to hang from and finished with a gold-filled toggle clasp.
It's probably no surprise that these earrings are also a favorite as well! Made from sterling silver wire, I used two links in graduated size to give them extra length. I have a pair for myself, and always get tons of compliments whenever I wear them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I heart hats

I've been scouting around for some cool hats lately, and found these noteworthy toppers to be my favorite. First up is an adorably luxurious silk cap from Eugenia Kim available at Shop Bop. The only drawback? It's a bit of a splurge at $176.00. I still love it so I think I'll be waiting for this to be on sale!
My second option comes from the Lisa Kline online boutique, and a line called Hat Attack (love the name!!). This nautically inspired striped cap comes in both red and navy (shown), and is perfect cap for everyday wear. The price here is a little bit easier to justify at $40.00.

If stripes aren't your thing, they also have a solid version that comes in red and white for $35.00.

Turquoise Blue Crush

I had a mini-marathon of designing on Monday to , so I thought I'd continue with the sneak peek posts this week. First up are these faceted turquoise howlite drop earrings that I will most likely be wearing to an upcoming charity fashion show/silent auction.
I came across the bright, colorful stones and knew almost instantly what I would do with them! Because of their larger size, they would be perfect for a certain larger link chain I had been saving which had a mix of twist and plain links of varying size and shape.

I personally love the results - I'm planning on wearing them with a cute spring frock to my charity event. I'll snag a picture of them on and post it so you all can see how they look!

Coveting a pair for yourself? No worries, I'll get them up on the site in about a week or so.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks this week!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kindred Spirit

I was looking for some cool new T's for my husband and came across the original and super stylistic shirts from Kindred. This company has some truly awesome shirts - it doesn't happen very often, but I think I'm even going to get one or two for myself. A few of my favorites? Hello Operator? This is Tippi Hedren, Cartography on a Dollar a Day, and Fortitude Magnitude Longitude.

I also dig their site a lot. They have a little lumberjack theme going on which I find amusing. Who can resist a lumberjack?

Mod World

I've always loved the mod look from the 60's. So crisp and chic! I recently added these cool sterling silver hoop chandelier earrings on the site, along with a pair of linear drop earrings.

Both pairs are fab - the silver circles are flat, so they the reflect light and really brighten up your look. They're also super light.I've just added this pair of big and bright shell go-go hoops to the site yesterday. I've always loved hoops like this, and I've added my own extra little touch to these in the form of the gold-filled stardust beads the hoops are suspended from.
These are an especially perfect accessory for the explosion of bright mini dresses popping up left and right. I usually pair them with some huge sunglasses and a bright scarf for the full effect.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cool workout gear

A little while ago, I had a slightly unpleasant realization: my pants are too tight! The offending area? My hips. Don't get me wrong, technically I still fit into my favorite jeans - but barely! To keep things in check, I've started doing every lunge, squat and whatever else I can think of to correct the issue.

Of course, I have to look good while doing this, so I've been on the prowl to find some cool gear to go along with my new exercise regimen. I've had the opportunity to try out the Milly Shell top from Prana, and am in love with the fit and the unique neckline.

Also from the same line is the Lola Sport top. This style is available in solids or really cute patterns. There's also a colorful sports bra version.
Another noteable line is Lululemon Athletica. They have a great selection of tops and accessories, but I particularly like the Reverse Groove pant.

A quick little note about Lululemon - they have a really cool web site. I normally don't like a lot of moving stuff and animation, but theirs is actually quite charming and surprisingly whimsical. Love it!

Sneak peek - pink coral and mother of pearl earrings

I love the bright combination of natural pink coral and mother of pearl - especially for the upcoming warm weather! I'm going to add these to the site in the next week or so, along with a fringe necklace in sterling silver.

Just a quick note about the chandelier earrings - I can no longer get the vermeil chandelier component, so these are a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings!
It's a hard to tell from the pics, but these are actually longer than the drop hoop earrings - they are certified shoulder dusters! Pair with bare shoulders and a bright top for a sexy look.

Stunning visions

I came across the stunning work of Vladimir Sierra a little while ago and have been completely mesmerized ever since. The thoughtful composition and intuitive use of color in his work draws me in to every piece. While I feel a connection to most of the pieces I've seen, Still Life #2 and Infinite Scroll are my favorites.

There are also some really cool pieces on his site with a decidedly Japanese feel to them - check out Spanish Wave #1 and Cloudfish.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jewelry photos

I had a small photo shoot this afternoon, and manged to capture some nice shots. The first are the Aquamarine Twiggy Earrings. I'm donating a similar pair to the Arizona Theatre Company for an upcoming auction and figured now was a good time to take a picture.

Here is a shot of the Bollywood Pearl Earrings with a couple of the Celestial Silk Charm Necklaces in navy.

By the way, if you ever had the idea that modeling/photography is not hard work - guess again! The shoot lasted for about two hours, with only a few great shots to work with. Most of the time, we were trying to figure out the subtle nuances of what looked good.

This was a great learning experience, so hopefully next time we'll get more done. I like the idea of posting pics of how the jewelry actually looks on! I think I'll start adding model pics on my site soon.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A little laptop love...

I found these super cute laptop bags from GYMS Pac a couple years ago while searching for a stylish alternative to the sea of plain black laptop bags you see everywhere. This poppy bag was the clear winner! I snagged one in apple green and it's certainly served me well. The real test came when I dropped my laptop on it's corner and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was only a minor crack and my computer still worked great! I can only imagine how much worse the damage would have been if I didn't have it in the sleeve! Another plus? All the compliments I get on it :)

A new style they carry that I thought was adorable - the Suki Laptop bags. These funky bags come in a few different prints, which of course, I love :) Below is my favorite, Apple Auto.

They also have neoprene portfolios and agendas available that are a great alternative to the traditional leather-bound styles, and other cute gadget accessories. Check them out - and save yourself from the boring sea of plain black laptop bags!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Jersey girl

I can hardly believe it, but it's beginning to feel a little bit like summer in the desert. This weekend it's expected to get to 90 degrees!

My goal for the weekend? Start putting winter clothes in storage and get some cool jersey dresses for the warmer weather. This adorable Ella Moss jersey dress in red pepper is my first pick, and a great casual daytime dress. I love the flirty ruffle and the side tie detail. Let's not forget that spicy color, though - it's bright and perfect for warm weather!

This next dress from Rachel Pally is super sexy and modern - I'd definitely wear it for a night out dancing! The low neckline and bust detail are fabulous, and the halter top compliments just about anyone. I'm also crazy about the midnight color and the flowy drape of the skirt.

Alright, now I'm really motivated to start packing those winter clothes away and making more room in my closet!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Modern Art Everyday

Etsy is a really fabulous place to find just about anything handmade - it's an especially great place to discover the work of artists like Nancy Veltri. I love her bright and crisp modern designs. It was hard to pick just a couple to showcase, but the teal and brown blocks canvas ,

and the cardinal giclee print were just a couple of my favorites.

Keep posted on all the Modern Art Everyday buzz by reading the blog!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Playful Jewelry

While I was poking around Etsy yesterday I came across the fabulous work of Cuyler Hovey-King and just had to write about it! Each piece has a very fresh, and playful perspective. Personally, her work reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I especially love the heart ring, and the chandelier earrings.

She also has her own website with more pieces posted! A couple other notables are the chandelier necklace and the bird in a circle necklace.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Black and white

I'm in the market for some cool seating at the moment, and came across the Laurel Chair from Crate and Barrel a little while ago.

Black and white never fails to make a super chic fashion statement - even on a chair!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sneak peek - litte green gems

I've been hording some gorgeous faceted green onyx for a while now, and recently brought the little gems out for these sweet earrings. The diamond shape components are vermeil, with hoop-style ear hooks handmade from gold-filled wire.
A little different than the longer earrings you'll tend to see on my site, these measure about an inch and a half long, including the hook.

I'll be adding them on the site in the next few days!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tales from the wedge...

I had to run to Target the other day, and stumbled upon these cute little wedges while meandering through the shoe section. They also have them in the standard black, and a cute little basketweave-ish gold as well.
I personally can't resist bright and colorful shoes so I grabbed them in blue. I've found that these little puppies have the added benefit of comfort as well, which was a nice surprise. How could you go wrong for $24.99?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Animal Instinct

I'm a sucker for gold these days - and this is certainly no exception! The gorgeous brushed texture of this vermeil claw pendant was the inspiration for this bold piece. Paired with a heavier weight gold-filled rolo chain, this necklace is about 36" long, and looks marvelous with a tunic style top and jeans.
Once again, I had to reserve one for myself... I've found that pairing this necklace with is the Bollywood Pearl Earrings, and a colorful geometric headband or scarf make for a chic and unexpected combination.

Coming soon in sterling silver!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Flat Shipping Rate!

After going through the order averages over the last couple months since the site has been up and running, I've decided to streamline my shipping costs and save everyone a little cash on their orders! Instead of the original shipping scale that was in place that based shipping on order amount, shipping is now a flat rate of $7.00 for insured USPS Priority Mail service.

What else is coming up, you ask? I am now working on accommodating international orders! First up? My Canadian neighbors. Hopefully this service will be in place by the end of March. A little secret though - if you're an international customer and see something you just have to have, contact me through my web site and I might be able to work out a PayPal option with you.

Stay tuned - there might be some important news about an upcoming sale!