Sunday, July 20, 2008

Did you have some work done ? ;)

Well, I have to say, it's nice to be back. I had a such a nice and productive break from blogging over the last few months. School was particularly crazy this semester, which is what put the blog on hold. I ended up doing great, though. While I did manage to give myself a short break after finals, I started work on a complete site redesign for my jewelry boutique. This is a project that I've been thinking about it for a while, and am pretty happy with the results. Check it out for yourself right here.The redesign made it possible for me to add some cool new features. One of my favorites is the Seasonal Style Guide, which is a page that showcases my favorite jewelry for the current season. The pictures posted here showcase a couple designs featured in the guide. From top to bottom, we have my lapis lazuli and inverted vermeil fan earrings, and the raw citrine trio necklace. Another cool feature on the site is the Gemstone Almanac, a useful guide to the beautiful gems and stones used in my jewelry. Along with the colors and general aesthetics of the stones, I've also included some information on the mystical properties of gemstones, their history, and birthstone info.

Some of you may have also noticed some new decor right here, as well! I was inspired to change things up a bit when I was finished with my site redesign. Along with my visual updates for the blog, I'm changing the overall focus for things here, too.

Instead of the generalized product review blog of the past, I am going to be experimenting with a more personal and creative flavor here. I want to write about the creative process of my work, and how it fits into my life. From inspiration, to design and creation, expect to read posts about my life as a designer. Of course, since I'm in an exploratory phase, I may detract from time to time. In any case, I'll try to post updates twice a month or so. We'll just see what works. In the meantime, thanks for reading :)