Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ring in Spring!

Designs for Spring '09 are here! I'm am so happy to finally update my site. Things have been so crazy since the move (see previous post), but thankfully things are smoothing out and getting back to normal. The new city is fantastic, and inspiring me in so many ways. We had an unseasonably warm day today - nearly 80 degrees! This was a huge surprise, especially considering we had temperatures in the low 20's last week. While I did get out for a walk this afternoon, I didn't let the warm weather stop me from getting new jewelry on my site!

This Spring I wanted to focus on interesting and refreshing details in my stones and metal work, and I was inspired by the seriously fantastical materials I have come across over the last few months. I have been scouring my sources for the most luscious, colorful finds to introduce for spring, and am so happy with the results. As always, here are a few of my favorite things!
I am absolutely in love with this beautiful step cut chrysoprase ring! I found a stunning strand of unusual step cut chrysoprase nuggets, and had to create this gorgeous ring. Each nugget is free form, so each handcrafted ring remains unique. Another plus? While it is shown in sterling silver, it is also available in gold-filled.
This cool, asymmetrical smooth smoky quartz chip ring another one of my favorites. I love the ensuing effect when combining free form stones together. This almost reminds me of a dark flame, or dark natural crystal formation.
Another favorite is this truly stunning lapiz lazuli nugget ring. Back in November, I came across a really amazing graduated strand of faceted lapiz lazuli nuggets, and had to get it. Because the strand is graduated, there are only about four beads that can be used for rings. I haven't decided what else I'm using the remaining beads for yet, but check back. You're likely to see more of this heriloom quality lapiz in my store this Spring or Summer!
I love a simple idea with subtle embellishments, and these lovely mystic pink quartz earrings speak to that idea. I have gotten in the habit of handcrafting my own earwires over the last year, and have added a slight scrolling detail for the drops to suspend from. One of the other things I love about these earrings is the sparkle - it's tough to distinguish in the photo, but there is actually an iridescence to the stone which is quite beautiful.

And last but not least, you may notice a trend of bold, black onyx and agate jewelry on the site. It's somewhat of a continuation from Fall that I wanted to expand on. Spring is full of bright colors this year, and black is a fantastic way to anchor some of the brightness. I love these black agate pillow cut earrings. I found the shape to be so unique, and very graphic.

Now that things have settled, I'll be adding more jewelry to the site as time goes by. I have some fun new designs in store, and I can't wait to share them.