Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring / Summer 2010 Jewelry

It's finally done - the entire Spring / Summer 2010 line is now available on my site!

I've been playing a lot with asymmetry lately, and the asymmetric amethyst necklace above is one of my favorite pieces. I managed to find an amazing new supplier in Chicago for some gorgeous gemstones, which is where I found the amethyst that is featured here. Each bead on the strand I procured was shaped differently, so every one of these necklaces is going to be unique.

I think my favorite thing about these beads is that the front and the back have a unique shape from each another. Shown here is what I call the back - the gem is cut in a slightly stepped pyramid style. The other side is equally cool - it's flatter, and looks more like your standard cut gem.

I love that it can be worn either way. I made the piece a little more eclectic by flanking the focal gem with beautiful champagne pearls, twist cut labradorite beads, and finished it off with a roped peach moonstone drop and sleeping beauty turquoise drop. It's become a staple in my jewelry box :)